Iowa WIRB makes funds available for water quality projects

ImageIowa’s Watershed Improvement Review Board (WIRB) recently announced that approximately $3 million is available to support qualifying water quality improvement projects.  I have been a part of 5 projects that received WIRB funding to implement innovative approaches focused on improving Iowa’s water.  In each case, the projects funded were led by farmers and the participating farmers collaborated to develop successful incentive programs that led to water quality improvement.  

This year, at least half the funds must support projects (practices) focused on implementing the Iowa Water Quality Initiative (a.k.a the Nutrient Reduction Strategy).  A listing of the practices that have potential to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus loss can be found on this site at the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy tab.

This is a great opportunity for local watershed improvement committees, soil and water conservation districts, public water supply utilities, county conservation boards, cities and counties to request up to $300,000 over three years to improve Iowa’s water.

The full request for applications can be found on the Iowa Watershed Improvement Review Board website.


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